Sunday, 7 September 2014

30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 7: Inspirational Colleague

Day 7: Who was or is your most inspirational colleague, and why?

My first (and forever) "work wife" is a colleague I had the pleasure to work with for several years.

Changing schools four years ago was a great decision for many reasons, but I haven't stopped missing seeing Sara every single day. I was really lucky that she was assigned to be my "mentor" when I finally got a contract with the board. We'd already worked together for several years by that point, so formalizing it didn't change much. Any chance we've had to spend time together, though, we scoop right up.

Sara is good for me professionally and personally. Those little voices I hear in my head? She's always there.

Here are some of the ways that Sara impacts me (and the world):
(She's gonna be so CROSS about this post!)
  • we are telepathically connected. One little corner of the eye look, and we know exactly what the other is thinking
  • she's INSANELY patient. She'd tell you she's not, but until you've seen her working with a new Canadian who has just come from a refugee camp and can't speak a native language or English, you haven't seen true, understanding patience
  • kids know they matter when they're with her
  • she's SUPER old (ha ha) but she's open to trying new things, and refuses to get stuck in a rut
  • she's supportive and non-judgemental, but she'll still push me to look at things in a new way
  • she's really good to collaborate with. We were asked to present to our staff about differentiation several years ago, and working with her was a breeze and a pleasure
  • she does what is expected of her and SO MUCH MORE, silently. She never seeks credit, doesn't get it nearly enough, and doesn't let that bother her
  • she always notices the little stuff and finds ways to make your day better
    • the time she is willing to give up for anyone who is struggling (or doesn't even realize they're struggling) is selfless and just crazily thoughtful
  • she actually balances work and home life. She is an amazing mom whose kids really, really like and respect her
    • she gives them the space to be themselves
  • the way she can zero in on exactly what is the root of a problem and finds ways to help solve it
    • even more than that, she zeroes in on what will make someone else feel great and does anything she can to make it happen (one tiny piece of evidence: the incredible video she had my students make for me when we all "graduated" from school the year I left)
  • she has a wicked sense of humour

There are those forever people in your life who you are so very lucky to meet. Sara is one of mine. No matter if we see each other everyday or once every few months, she remains one of the all-time most influential people in my life.

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  1. Sara sounds like an absolutely amazing person! You make me think of the people that have influenced me. I'm so glad that you blogged about someone as wonderful as her.

    Your post makes me think about the fact that we, as educators, have so many opportunities to make such a positive impact on people (be that colleagues, parents, and/or students). How do we ensure that we make a positive impact? What do you do?