Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Blue Sky School Commmunity

Blue Sky School is a school built for, of and as a community. Central to everything that we do are our students' voices.

I have always known that the existing schooling system needs deep change. Through all of my previous projects, I have tried to lead this change. There has never been quite enough space for my blue sky ideas. I am so thrilled to see my lifelong, audacious dream of a totally new type of school coming true with the support of a magical co-founder, Karen Hill, 100 Action Team members and tons of community partners. Blue Sky School is the experimental prototype school of tomorrow.

Watching our community work together to build something this huge is truly inspiring. The most amazing thing to see is our learners collaborating with one another.

Three of our incredibly talented and thoughtful community members wrote, directed, filmed and edited a video telling our story!

Our learners of all ages will be contributing to a blog documenting our ongoing learning and the process of building a school from scratch.

The collaboration, community building and celebrations have already begun, before we've even moved in to our amazing innovation centre! Blue Sky School opens for full-time schooling of grade 6-8 learners in September 2017 with a Pioneer Class of 12.

Learning happens when passion and empowerment meet. Blue Sky School is an independent not-for-profit coworking centre for learners of all ages. We nurture the next generation of changemakers and partner with today's innovative leaders.

For more information about Blue Sky School, visit us online.


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