Thursday, 18 May 2017

100 in 1 Day Ottawa

100 in 1 Day is providing great ways for citizens of all ages to get involved in making our city a better place! Which intervention will you participate in?

Our friends at the Parkdale Food Centre will be connecting neighbours by giving our plant seedlings 
Our friends at Robot Missions are running a field test of their garbage collecting robots on Petrie Island 
Hang out in the Innovation Pod, a solar-powered, mobile lab at Innovation Centre Bayview Yards, and see VR, AR and 3D printing in action! 
Learn about the future of libraries - lending libraries
Want to learn about attracting pollinators? 
Help paint a mural at a Paint Party in Sandy Hil
Participate in the launch of Happy Ottawa 
At Mooney's Bay, make a painting and raise awareness about mental health and the power of art 
Have a conversation in a Public Living Room
Hang out in Biotown's Community Lab to learn about biohacking 

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