Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Myth of the Super Teacher

The Myth of the Super Teacher from EdWriters on Vimeo.

Dean Shareski directed his students to this video on a website for an online class that I've been visiting. Soon, my class will be getting a "Virtual Student Teacher" and he's linking us up with one of his pre-service teachers! The kids and I are very excited.

After watching this video, I sent it off to my Junior colleagues almost immediately. Roxanna Elden did an incredible job validating me and I couldn't wait to share her words with my friends! I also quickly searched up the book she mentioned, thinking that I might actually need to start an educational Book Club (and not just the one in parentheses that my current colleagues and I hold some Fridays after work!)! Fortunately, I have my new Kindle and I ordered a digital copy of her book, See Me After Class.


For years, I've been dipping my toe into the edublogger world, building up a PLN that I access, use resources from and occassionally try to add to the conversation to on twitter or on blogs. I've never really jumped in with both feet, and I figure I can go for some balance.

So here goes, somewhere in between a toe dip and both feet in to the edublogging world!

This is My Teacher Costume will feature teaching ideas, plain and simple. This year, I've found that I have about five years worth of ideas and plans to complete in one year for my wonderful class. I keep them in a number of places, where they're of little use to me and of no use to anyone else. Hopefully, posting them on this blog will give them a little bit of life and make them of use to someone, even if it's me in the future!

Please feel free to use or adapt anything you find on here. Many of the ideas are ones I've borrowed from others, and whenever I can, I'll give credit and link you to the people, places and media that inspired me. If you have ANY questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them!