Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Myth of the Super Teacher

The Myth of the Super Teacher from EdWriters on Vimeo.

Dean Shareski directed his students to this video on a website for an online class that I've been visiting. Soon, my class will be getting a "Virtual Student Teacher" and he's linking us up with one of his pre-service teachers! The kids and I are very excited.

After watching this video, I sent it off to my Junior colleagues almost immediately. Roxanna Elden did an incredible job validating me and I couldn't wait to share her words with my friends! I also quickly searched up the book she mentioned, thinking that I might actually need to start an educational Book Club (and not just the one in parentheses that my current colleagues and I hold some Fridays after work!)! Fortunately, I have my new Kindle and I ordered a digital copy of her book, See Me After Class.

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