Monday, 28 March 2016

The Passionate Learner Experiment Begins!

My Microschool's inaugural course, "The Passionate Learner Project" is underway.  Tn incredible Superhero Learners (who are currently in grades 4-12) and their Parent Allies have taken a risk with me, as we experiment with a new way of learning!
Superhero Learners are using digital literacy skills to answer the question: how might we change the world in one day? They will complete 24 hours of work in the next 10 weeks. Together, we are creating a game that will guide their highly personalized and passion-based learning.

They are working their way through the several quests in Mission 1: You Are a Superhero. They are exploring what kind of teacher they need and what kind of learner they are.

Learners work their way through the Mission Dossiers I send to them at their own pace, in their own way.
In the coming days, each learner will launch a Digital HQ where they will document their learning. I hope you'll follow along and add to the conversation! We need allies to cheer on the learners, challenge their thinking and add their influence. We are so happy to welcome Lisa Paterson as a Yoga coach to the Superheroes in Mission 2. If you want to be a part of The Passionate Learner Experiment as an ally, let me know!
To whet your appetite, I have to share one learner's approach to Quest 1.1  
We have space for a couple more learners to come on board if you know anyone who would like to play and learn with us!


  1. Love your creativity and your group of students are lucky to be part of the class "PLP". Mission 1 sounds very exciting of determining their own space. Mission Ally, why not if there is room for some French... superheroes!

  2. I agree with the comment above. I love the creativity and innovation of the idea of the Superhero Learners. Mission 1 seems to be very exciting and interesting because the students are building their own headquarters, writing about their role as a Superhero Learner and much more! This seems to be a great way for students to become more passionate in their learning.

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