Monday, 29 September 2014

30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 25: Student Collaboration

Day 25: The ideal collaboration between students - what would it look like?

This month, the Gladiator Snails brainstormed what great groups look like. As we've been working in groups all month, we regularly refer back to this list. 

I think they hit on most of the qualities that make ideal collaboration between students, but I'll add a few of my own.

Ideal Collaboration Between Students
  • Student driven: students following their passions in an eager, enthusiastic way
  • Organic: seeking feedback and help from a number of sources as more questions emerge - including teachers, other students, books, magazines, films, online resources, human resources, families, etc...
  • Global: students take opportunities to collaborate with students from around the world through Skype, email, blogs or twitter; students contact experts from around the world through Skype, email, blogs or twitter
  • Multi-aged: opportunities for students to work with people of different ages (not just in their own grade), they can buddy with younger or older students or work with teen/adult mentors
  • Collaboration and compromise: an understanding that we don't always get our way and figuring out creative and comfortable solutions for all
  • Democracy: understanding that everyone has a voice, all ideas are considered and some are put into action
I love pushing myself and my students to collaborate. The smartest person in the room IS the room. That's not to say four physical walls are sentient, but that when people get together, their ideas get better. I know that is the case for me through collaborating in person and online.

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