Sunday 8 May 2016

We Need YOU to Be Our Ally!

I am working with a group of eleven 10-32 year old Superhero Learners to discover how we can change the world in 24 hours.
They are doing amazing things and I want to share with you what they're up to. Right now, they've been exploring their learning styles, strengths, areas of needs and interest. They are discovering their passions and will be designing Passion Projects soon.
I am distributing Missions and Quest to the Superhero Learners and check in on them regularly as their Q (Quartermaster). They have great allies on their side. Their parents and friends are supporting them. We can always use more people looking in on us and cheering us on. 
If you can spare a few minutes and visit one of (or a few of) these blogs and leave comments, please please please do so.
All of us are better when we work together. Your ideas, comments, questions and input will help elevate our learning.
Feel free to share these links far and wide!
Check out the Superhero Learner's Digital HQs (also linked on the right-hand side of this blog):
Abby a.k.a. Positive Pinky
Camden a.k.a. Magno
Edan a.k.a. Outrider
Gabby a.k.a. Justice
Gracie a.k.a. Triple M Master
Hari a.k.a. Brainy Bovine
Hudson a.k.a.Wolf
Hunter a.k.a. The Amazing Meme Man
Jen a.k.a. JemBot

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