ISTE 2015

Calling All Weird Teachers! 
Birds Weirds of a Feather Session

Join us at ISTE in Philadelphia on Monday, June 29th in the Philadelphia Conference Center, Room 109, Table 1.

Inspired by Doug Robertson’s book, “He’s the Weird Teacher”, join in on a discussion about being a teacher who doesn't stand for the status quo and may be a bit on the weird side. Have sympathy for the weird kid and let your weird flag fly. If you have a sense of humor, want to be connected, sometimes disrupt the way things are, and have ever felt a little bit strange, come and find your people! We will have an open dialogue to discuss how the “weird” teacher sees education and learning differently.

Help add your own ideas to this document (will be live on June 29th).

Imagineering Education: Creating an Experimental Prototype Classroom of Tomorrow

Wednesday, July 1st, 10:15-11:30 a.m. in the Philadelphia Conference Center The TIP, Hall D, Booth 1052

By emulating the best qualities of Walt Disney, any teacher can create an Experimental Prototype Classroom of Tomorrow. Like Walt, you should rethink everything and trust your instincts. Innovative educators can use lessons from Walt to consider the best, not just the accepted, way of doing things in their classrooms.

For the past year, Shauna Pollock and her grade 3/4 students have collaboratively created an Experimental Prototype Classroom of Tomorrow. Using the lessons and legacy of Walt Disney, his innovation, creativity, storytelling and sense of magic, their classroom has become a highly engaging space where they learn from each other. Students have explored Blue Sky thinking and consider themselves Imagineers, designing their own tasks, sharing their ideas with passion and creating amazing things.

Ignite slideshow (will be live in June).

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